Water from Air. Anywhere.

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The Future of Clean Water is Here.

All life depends on water, but Global access and distribution of clean water is limited. 

Atmospheric humidity is an untapped and completely renewable water resource that can help solve the world water crisis.

To make atmospheric water available virtually anywhere on earth, we invented a new sorbent material, capable of generating clean, potable water directly from the humidity in the air, making water shortages, contamination, and logistics a thing of the past.

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Scientists, Engineers and Entrepreneurs United with Purpose

Molecule unites the world’s best scientists, engineers and manufacturers with a common goal, to bring our humanitarian, market-ready solution to those who need it as fast as possible. 


What People are Saying

Solutions to the water crisis

“In cities hit by drought—including Harare, Zimbabwe, where the city turned off taps in some neighborhoods for weeks this summer—a new material could make it possible to pull clean drinking water directly from the air.


“Bring water to the deserts”

A revolutionary new material developed at the University of Limerick could help to ward off a global water crisis by producing water from air. Professor Michael Zaworotko has developed the crystalline material after decades of research.

The Times UK

“Revolutionary new material”

The key feature of the new desiccant replacement material is that it operates exactly like the inorganic desiccants used today but regenerates at 120°F instead of 400°F.

Yahoo Finance

“Bring fresh water to millions”

The low temperature and efficiency is the key, making even mobile or solar powered solutions possible. I dare say it looks like we have developed a truly revolutionary, global solution for humanity and the planet as we enter the 21st century.”

Silicon Republic