Molecule’s mission is to develop solutions to humanitarian challenges, by bridging the gap between academic scientific research, industry and the end user. We do this by identifying underserved markets that affect humanity and finding or inventing new technical solutions through engaging with, and funding university research. The output of these efforts is new, disruptive, scalable technologies that can be readily adopted by industry to make existing technologies more efficient, effective and environmentally-sound.

Our Story

Where It All Began

Company founder Frank Jao is a renowned Vietnamese-American businessman and philanthropist. Mr. Jao is passionate about making an impact and envisions Molecule as a catalyst for having science serve humanity, with a focus on sustainability, and to improve the lives of future generations.

Water Abundance for All.

The first global challenge we decided to address was water abundance because water accessibility and resilience are the key to human survival, and freshwater scarcity is an accelerating trend that affects us all. We chose Atmospheric Water Generation (AWG) as the ideal solution to address this global crisis, because according to the US Geological Survey, there is about six times as much water in the air, as there is in every single river in the world, combined.

This means that the key to water abundance for everyone is literally in the air above us. All we have to do is work in harmony with nature’s water cycle and find a way to catch this abundant water and make it usable for people around the world. We have spent the past four years inventing a promising new technology that concentrates humidity in the air to deliver reliable, potable water with a standardized, scalable system to people virtually anywhere on earth. The key to our system’s design that allows our solution to work in arid environments. Our new class of Regeneration Optimized Sorbent materials (a.k.a. “ROS”). ROS was co-developed under a research contract with Professor Michael Zaworotko, Ph.D., and his research team at the University of Limerick, Ireland. ROS rapidly captures humidity like current sorbents but are dramatically more energy-efficient during the vapor release cycle. ROS’s purpose is to concentrate humidity in the atmosphere, especially during cool and dry conditions, and to enhance AWG water productivity when you need it most.