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All-Weather, Effective, Efficient, Mobile, Sorbent-Based Atmospheric Water Generators


Jan 27, 2022

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Bjorn Simundson

 Co-Founder, Director, Business Development

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650 Ward Dr. #100 Santa Barbara, CA 93111


Molecule USA, Inc. ( has developed the world’s most efficient, all-climate Atmospheric Water Generating machines (AWG) that work in tropical, temperate and even arid regions, at double the efficiency of the nearest competitor. Molecule’s AWGs are sorbent-based, and can generate a reliable potable water source from ambient humidity down to 33°F/12%RH conditions.

We believe this water capability tech would be a game-changer for SOCOM, liberating forward-operations, camps and bases from water logistics risks, while saving every single platoon up to $1,421,800.00 in bottled water costs over the 3-year warranty of the machines.[1]

We are currently fielding the 3rd generation of all-weather AWG prototypes with the US Army Corps of Engineers. It is our understanding from our field visit by USACE in mid Jan-2022, that we are evidently the only AWG maker to ever hit the 50gal/day spec at 70°F/40%RH. At the ASHRAE standard conditions of 80°F/60%RH, the units are now making roughly double our initial stated capacity.

Our goal is for SOFWERX (and/or partners) to immediately procure and field trial 24 units to prove capability (24 = minimum order to unlock commercial manufacturing). This would liberate 24 platoons from bottled water logistics for less money than it takes to provide water to only 3 FOB platoons over the product’s 3-year warranty.


Unique aspects context:

The ability to produce water on demand without relying on a traditional source is compelling from a safety, logistics and reliability perspective. While Atmospheric Water Generation technology is not a new idea, the implementation and adoption of AWG tech has been limited because traditional refrigerant-based AWGs typically fail at about 65°F/50%RH, making them limited to daytime use in tropical climates only. So, while AWG tech has been of interest from a logistics and safety perspective, the unreliability of water output demonstrated by the other companies’ designs has prevented them from real-world use. We fixed this problem.


Unique aspect (*call-to-action:)

Molecule made the world’s most capable and efficient AWG, by designing a new sorbent-based design that works down to 33°F/12%RH conditions, unlocking viable water-from-air in arid climates like one would find in a real-world battlefield environment.  Molecule’s AWG stands in a class of its own, producing 50gal/day at 70°F/40%RH, with twice the efficiency of other AWG’s, and can fit in the bed of any half-ton pickup, like the Toyota HiLux or JLTV as pictured here. (Dimensions: 4’W x 8’L x 4.5’H 750lbs.)


Reliable water-from air protects the warfighter by making it on location without reliance on airdrops. By not carrying palates of water, one frees up cargo space for additional food, fuel, ammo and other supplies, extending range, reach and comfort. The tech is also affordable, saving each FOB platoon a projected $1,421,800 in bottled water costs, while saving countless lives over their 3-year warranty period[1].



Our vision is to field 500 of these AWG units to provide water and power in FOBS as fast as possible to meet the daily drinking water needs for as many platoons as possible. WE can start with a program for procurement of 24 demonstration units.


For future, we have a vision to engage in a joint-development program to integrate this technology onboard vehicle platforms like tanks, JLTVs, DAGORs and NGCVs so that warfighters can make water while they drive, reduce the vehicle’s thermal signature, boost engine power and reduce emissions. (This is outside the scope of this current document.)

Company Viability

Molecule USA, Inc. began as an idea in 2015, to “find a solution to the world water crisis.” We incorporated as a Delaware C-Corp in 2018 with a core team of 7 people.  Our US-based subcontractors control hundreds of thousands of square feet of production space and have been in existence for decades with mature systems, personnel and leadership.  

Molecule has been backed by millions in private funding, and is now in the process of transitioning to a crowdfunding platform called “Start Engine” so we can accelerate growth. We would be open to, and encouraging of strategic financing partners, acquirers and/or investors. We are extremely fast and competent product development team. In only three years we went from a TRL-0/1 to fielding commercial units at the TRL-8/9 level. We anticipate reaching TRL-10 by the end of this year.

We have already achieved first revenues from the US Army Corps of Engineers. Delivery is scheduled for March 2022. It is the highest performing, most efficient AWG in the world that we are aware of, and apparently the only AWG that has ever hit their spec.