How Atmospheric Water Generation Works.





Molecule’s Hybrid AWG for all weather performance.

Molecule’s All-Weather Atmospheric Water Generator, levers the sorbent technology to boost low temperature / low humidity performance. This simple design uses common dehumidifier and air conditioner technology, making it an ideal solution for many regions where a new source of decentralized and distributed drinking water is desired.

Humidity is a sustainable source of water.

An atmospheric water generator (AWG) is a machine that works in harmony with Nature’s Water Cycle, and converts water vapor in the air (humidity) directly into liquid water, thus providing a way to generate a perfectly sustainable, independent water supply directly from the humidity in the air. This makes water production possible without a traditional source.

Once you have used this water, it simply evaporates right back where it came from, in harmony with nature’s water cycle, allowing the cycle to repeat.

Molecule’s New Hybrid AWG Design.

Other AWG designs are 100% dependent on the environmental conditions (natural humidity variations over time).  As a result, other AWG’s function very well when the humidity is greater than 60% RH, but their performance drops significantly when the humidity drops below this level, requiring a dramatic increase in the amount of energy to keep up the same water production levels.

Molecule’s hybrid AWG design uses our new sorbent technology to concentrate humidity before condensing it, allowing our system to outperform all other AWGs in efficiency and harsh environment condition performance.

This enables low temperature / low humidity atmospheric water generation where other AWGs (which rely only on crossing the dew point) fail to operate.