Business & Operations.

We are a highly diligent team of dynamic self-starters with a diversity of strengths, skills, talents and insights that come together to solve incredibly complex problems. Our unified mission, is to put our varied skills together to solve humanitarian challenges by leading emerging technologies to the market as quickly and effectively as possible. 

Our goal is to make an impact.

Frank Jao

Co-Founder, Chair, CEO

Notable Vietnamese American businessman and philanthropist. Emigrated with his wife and her small handbag to the USA aboard a C-130 with the help of the USAF during the Fall of Saigon. Appointed in 2005 as head of Vietnam Education Foundation. Trustee for multiple universities, founder of 50+ businesses.

Dr. Daniel G. Aldrich, III Ph.D.


30+ years of Senior Administrative and Leadership experience in the University of California System including Vice Chancellor and U.C. Office of the President.

Kurt Francis, P.Eng.

Co-Founder, CTO

Over two decades of proven, product development, supply chain management, and strategic risk mitigation leadership experience. 12+ years at Raytheon, delivering advanced, engineered systems to Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, JPL, NASA, BAE Systems & more.

In the Spotlight

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Research & Development.

We are delighted to be working with some of the best and brightest minds in the materials research world at the University of Limerick, under the guidance and direction of Prof. Dr. Michael Zaworotko, Ph.D. to collaboratively develop the solutions to 21st Century problems today.

Prof. Michael Zaworotko, Ph.D.

Scientific Principal Investigator

Top 1% globally-ranked scientist. Bernal Chair of Crystal Engineering University of Limerick, Ireland. Member, Royal Irish Academy of Sciences, Science Foundation Ireland Researcher of the Year, CoDirector of the Synthesis and SolidState Pharmaceutical Center (, internationallyrecognized world leader in MOF, crystal engineering & sorbent research with over 400 peerreviewed publications, 44,738 citations, hindex of 94 and i10index of 356.

Dr. Victoria Gascon-Perez, Ph.D.

Water Sorption Team Lead

Award-winning Research Fellow Postdoctoral researcher specializing in Metal Organic Framework design, synthesis and intellecutal property development. Ph.D. Chemical Engineering, M.Sc Applied Chemistry, B.Eng Industrial Engineering, B.Sc Environmental Sciences.

Dr. Amrit Kumar, Ph.D.

Process Engineering Lead

Chemical engineering process and transfer lead. Focus in design and bulk scale synthesis of Metal Organic Frameworks and Hybrid Ultra Microporous Materials. Ph.D. Crystal Engineering, M.Sc. Chemistry.

Dr. Suresh Sanda, Ph.D.

Metal Organic Framework Design

Post-Doctoral Research Crystal Engineering Ph.D. Crystal Engineering, M.Sc. Chemical Engineering, M.Sc. Chemistry

Dr. Andrey Bezrukov, Ph.D.

Advanced Sorbent Identification & Modeling

Post-Doctoral Research Crystal Engineering, Ph.D. Chemistry, M.Sc. Chemistry

Dr. Debroto Sensharma, Ph.D.

Next-Generation Sorbent Development

Post-Doctoral Research Crystal Engineering, Ph.D. Crystal Engineering, P.G. Dip. Statistics, B.Sc. Chemistry

Dr. Shaza Darwish, Ph.D.

Scale-Up of Metal Organic Frameworks

Post-Doctoral Research Crystal Engineering Ph.D. Continuous Manufacturing Processes, M.Sc. Chemical Engineering, B.Sc. Chemistry

Dr. Varvara Nikolayenko, Ph.D.

Supramolecular Chemistry

Ph.D. Supramolecular Chemistry, M.Sc. Physical Chemistry, B.Sc. Chemistry, B.Sc. Chemistry & Chemical Technology

Daniel O’Hearn

Sorbent Development

Ph.D. Candidate, B.Sc. Chemistry