Engineered Desiccant Technology.



Regeneration Optimized Sorbent- (ROS).

To make our Hybrid Atmospheric Water Generators work in extreme environments, we engineered a new desiccant material with greater capacity, better efficiency, and wider environmental operating range than the silica normally used in desiccant dehumidifier rotors.

This breakthrough material is named Regeneration Optimized Sorbent (ROS).

This new, non-toxic, engineered desiccant was developed in a rigorous R&D program, tasked with developing the most energy-efficient and widest operating range sorbent material in the world.

ROS not only enables atmospheric water generation to now be a reality in almost any environment on earth (or perhaps even someday on space stations), it also fixes the high-energy-use problem of the global desiccant dehumidifier industry with its low regeneration temperature of 140°F, allowing true waste-heat to be used for regeneration in the HVAC sector.

This makes ROS a highly-disruptive and significant environmental, social and humanitarian solution all in one.

Our team won “Innovation of the Year 2020” from the Irish Laboratory Awards for the technology.

ROS has greater capacity, wider operating range, and better energy-efficiency than any other sorbent, including the incumbent, silica (a.k.a. “Syloid”).